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Product Information: No-Crack is a carefully crafted, homemade lip balm made of all natural products.  Refreshing peppermint essential oils create a tingling sensation that adds a rejuvinating feel to your lips.  No Crack was originally developed in the comfort of our home as gifts for friends and family and was quickly in high demand for it's soothing feel.  Family and friends just couldn't get enough and we hope you will feel that way too.   Our unique recipe includes skin loving natural oils and just the right amount of locally harvested beeswax to keep your lips moisturized without any waxy buildup.

Although not available in stores, our product is available to all by online ordering and will be conveniently shipped to your home.  

How to Order:
Our product is conveniently packaged in sets of 3, 6, 9, or 12. For larger orders please contact us directly.  

Love our product and want to use it for your own advertising??  We would be happy to use your business logo to create a unique product to promote your own business endeavor.  Want to know more?  Contact us for more details.

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